Bringing it all back home

During our week’s review during morning circle, it became clear that we have learned a tremendous amount about Peru, Japan, Australia and Mongolia!  One of our kids summarized, "all the countries we learned about are really close and connected to nature."  Spark Explorers discussed ways to bring that connectedness to nature into our lives right … Continue reading Bringing it all back home

Playing Peruvian Shamanic Drums

While we were in the park, we learned about how Peruvian shamans use music and rhythm as part of their healing. We found a quiet space in the park to listen to the rhythm of our own heartbeats; a reminder that rhythm and percussion is quite literally at the center to human life. We used … Continue reading Playing Peruvian Shamanic Drums

Nature Walk in Prospect Park

We learned that many Amazonian and Andean Peruvian communities possess a rich knowledge of plant life- for food, medicine, tools, dyeing of fabrics, and other daily needs.  Spark explorers traveled through a wooded area of Prospect Park to discover new plants!  The kids learned of some edible and useful wild plants that reside right here … Continue reading Nature Walk in Prospect Park

Circle Time in Peru and Decorating Shamanic Rattles

Our intrepid explorers started our tour of Peru in the Andes mountains and Amazon rainforest– both homes to a great diversity of plants and animals that are honored by many of their local peoples.  We explored the Peruvian notion of harmony between man and nature- “living peacefully with nature”, as one Spark Explorer described.   … Continue reading Circle Time in Peru and Decorating Shamanic Rattles