Building a Mongolian Yurt

In the afternoon, Kyle met us in the back yard to teach us a traditional Mongolian game featuring nomadic Mongolian horses (wooden clothes pins!). After an energetic game with lots of cheering, we set to work constructing our very own yurt, which is a nomadic house built from canvas and a wooden frame. While a … Continue reading Building a Mongolian Yurt

Exploring the Mongolian Culture

Mongolian women in traditional cultural dress.

San Ban Oh!  That’s Mongolian for “hello”!  Today we travelled through one of the world’s highest countries, Mongolia, to learn about its fascinating culture and way of life. Like nomadic Mongolians, we moved through the vast lands to the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, the Gobi desert, the grasslands and mountains.  Mongolians have traditionally been nomadic, … Continue reading Exploring the Mongolian Culture