Aboriginal Dreamtime Legends

The Dreamtime is the aboriginal Australian legend of the beginnings and creation of the universe and all life.  Australian communities pass stories down through generations using symbolic storytelling.  Using clay puppets, Gigi led the kids through the Australian story of creation, telling the origins of the how humans came to dream expansively, and how humans … Continue reading Aboriginal Dreamtime Legends


Oh the wonders of water!  Our bathing suit-clad Spark explorers had a blast beating the heat with some refreshing waterplay in the backyard!  While some of us sprayed water at the rainclouds, others cleaned windows, made “slushies” full of flowers and leaves, hosted tea ceremonies, created dams, dunked water on their own heads, and watered … Continue reading Waterplay!

Learning about the Didgeridoo

We listened to the sounds of the didgeridoo, an Aboriginal wind and percussion instrument. After hearing recordings and watching videos of advanced players, we got to look at our very own didgeridoo. We also learned about circular breathing, a highly advanced technique embraced by wind and brass players as well as didgeridoo players. Using circular … Continue reading Learning about the Didgeridoo