Dear families,

In light of Phase 3 reopening, we are excited to announce that we have decided to move forward with small in-person Spark group meetups in the open space of Prospect Park!  

Safety is our number 1 priority and we will be strictly adhering to the guidelines and mandates set forth by the CDC.  Click here to read more about the ways we will be approaching COVID-19 matters on our website.   

Dates and rates

Price: $375

Location: Prospect Park.  Drop off and pick up at a designated spot in the park close to the 3rd St. entrance 

Week 1 (August 10-14): The culture and traditions of Egypt, Japan, Haudenosaunee, and Pueblo peoples.
Week 2 (August 17-21): Western alchemy, and the culture and traditions of the Mayans, Maori, Huichol peoples. 

Time: 9-12pm 

Group size: 10 children, 2 teachers


During our time together, we will observe the influence of the natural world on various cultures’ belief systems, art, traditions, and mythology.  We will learn about ways in which peoples across time have worked respectfully with nature’s bounty to create food, materials, medicines and more for their communities. In order to deepen our own relationship with nature, we will be engaging in nature art activities, plant identification, land art, and nature exploration.  Here are a few examples of our many planned activities: 

  • Create inks, paints and dyes from natural and foraged pigments
  • Examine symbols and hieroglyphs from different traditions
  • Work with beeswax to create Huichol beaded crafts
  • Explore Zen and Shinto beliefs using ikebana flower arrangement, building of Toriis in nature, and calligraphy.  
  • Learn different traditional hand-building and wheel pottery techniques
  • Weave with grasses in a traditional Maori style
  • Make Puebloan kachina dolls 
  • Design an alchemical manuscript that includes our own encoded symbols
  • Discover myths from various traditions and create our own stories. 
  • Learn to identify, preserve and use beneficial plants and trees in Prospect Park.  

Make-up Rain Dates

Since all programming will be taking place outdoors, we will be monitoring weather closely each day.  If by 7:30pm, prolonged rain is predicted for the following morning, we will cancel programming for that morning.  In the event that short periods of light rain are expected, we will be taking shelter under rain tarps.  Make up rain days will be scheduled on specified dates for the weeks of August 24th and 31st.  We will ensure that attendees of these make up days will not be placed with students from other weeks, in accordance with health safety regulations. 

Please reach out with any questions you may have, and email us at


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