Summer 2022 classes, 9:00am–3:00pm
53 Prospect Park West

Dear parents, please be sure to carefully read these instructions before attending our program. Contact us at with any questions. 

Important Contact Information 

Class location: The Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture (map). 53 Prospect Park West, between 1st and 2nd Street, 3rd floor. Labeled third buzzer from the bottom.

Gigi Chew (Director and Teacher): (646) 409-8268

Angus Davidson (Assistant Director and Teacher): (845) 705-0918

Drop off Instructions – 9am

  • Ring the labeled buzzer (3rd from the bottom) and we will buzz you in. Contact Gigi or Angus if you experience any problems entering. 
  • Please walk your child all the way up to the 3rd floor where our class will be meeting in the room to the left of the staircase. 
  • As part of our COVID safety protocol, we are asking that parents and caregivers drop off and pick up children outside of our classroom to limit the number of people in the space. Do not leave without first ensuring that your child has safely entered the classroom and been acknowledged by a teacher.  
  • We will be asking that children sanitize their hands as soon as they arrive at Spark Arts.

Pick-Up Instructions – 3pm

  • Pick-up will be at our classroom space at 53 Prospect Park West (map)
    • Please ring the buzzer and come up to the 3rd floor to receive your child. Please do not arrive much earlier than 3pm unless you have notified us about an early pick up. If you arrive earlier than expected, you may wait on the ground floor until 3pm dismissal. Again, we ask that caregivers not enter the classroom so that we may limit the number of people in the space. 
  • We will only be able to release your child to an authorized person indicated by you in your registration form. If necessary, you can authorize an additional person by emailing us at or by texting Gigi or Angus.

COVID Safety Protocol at Spark Arts

  • COVID survey: Families will be required to fill out our short mandatory COVID-19 safety survey. You’ll receive a link to the survey in the morning before each class. Families who have not filled out this form will not be able to attend class for the day. 
  • Family Testing and illnesses: If anyone in your household tests positive for COVID, has been feeling ill, or has been directly exposed to others who have tested positive for COVID, we ask that you kindly keep your child home from classes until you are certain that they are in good health to attend. 
  • Vaccinations and testing of staff: Our teachers are fully vaccinated and have received booster shots. In addition, they will have tested for COVID before the program.
  • Masks: We ask that all staff, children, and families be masked on the premises. Exceptions will be made during snack and water breaks when children will be situated in a well-ventilated area at a distance from others, and will be asked to pause speaking for the duration of the meal unless we are outside. Please send your child with properly fitting masks (N95 or KN95 if possible). When we go outside, our program will be mask-optional.
  • Sanitizing: Students and teachers will be asked to regularly sanitize and wash hands
  • Classroom safety measures: We will keep our classroom well-ventilated, opening doors and windows where possible, as well as using a ceiling fan and HEPA air filter. Surfaces and shared supplies will be cleaned thoroughly after each class. 
  • Responding to citywide surges: If we see a spike in COVID cases, we will stay connected by email to provide you with further information about the status of our classes.
  • You can find our latest COVID regulations on our website.

What to pack

  • Before the day:
    • Apply sunscreen
    • Eat a hearty breakfast
    • Because of allergy concerns, we ask that parents do not send peanut products 
  • Packing List:
    • Water bottle
    • Snack
    • Lunch
    • Hat
    • Comfortable walking shoes
    • Raincoat or sweater (if needed)
    • Optional:
      • Sunscreen and mosquito repellent
        • Note: We will have organic children’s sunscreen and non-deet repellent for your child’s use, but feel free to send a special/preferred brand if you’d prefer.

Behavior expectations

  • Students will be required to follow safety rules such as staying with the group at all times, and refraining from behaviors that will put themselves and others at risk of injury. By signing up for our program, you have acknowledged the risks involved in the use of a historic site that is not fully childproofed. Please encourage your child to follow basic safety practices in the building, while entering and leaving the premises, around doors and on staircases. 
  • We practice kindness and respect to friends and teachers by listening, sharing, and including others.