What is Permaculture anyway?  Permaculture is a set of design principles that helps humans to work with nature to create healthy and balanced living webs that produce as little waste and as much natural abundance as possible. Waste is only considered waste if it’s not used!

Permaculture design mimics patterns found in nature that use all resources without wasting anything.  For example, say you were to catch your own free supply of water from the rain, instead of taking from the water supply, you could use the rainwater to raise fish, grow edible water plants, and water your garden plants  →  these plants will provide food and medicine for you, your community, and your animals  →  the animals will provide you with food, kick up and aerate your soil, and their “waste” will fertilize your plants  →  the plant “waste” will also provide you with resources like compost (to grow more plants).  You plants will also provide you with building materials  →   the building materials will help you to repair your home, and possibly build a roof that could hold a solar panel  →  the solar panel will allow you to generate electricity to power your home.

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