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Spark has been the highlight of our son’s week for years now, and it never fails to amaze us what creative, beautiful, instructive and inspiring projects and lessons Gigi comes up with time after time. She has opened up whole worlds to him that he wouldn’t have known about otherwise, and that continue to fire his imagination and curiosity throughout all the activities of his week, and even into our family life. And perhaps more importantly, she does it with such kindness and care for each child, that it truly has come to be a place where he feels known, and at home, in a way that isn’t approached by any other class or program he’s experienced. For him and for us, Spark is something truly special. — Steve and Lauren

Gigi and Angus put so much effort into planning and designing every day of this camp it’s truly incredible. They are amazing with the kids and they’re both such wonderful, kind, inspiring teachers I really can’t say enough great things about this experience. It’s outside in the park which is a great contrast to our kid’s downtown Brooklyn school days … Every day when he comes home from camp I ask what they did and if he’s willing to tell (about 10% of the time) I learn so much about other cultures, their customs, and history of arts and craft techniques! Just a great warm educational heartfelt summer experience. Will definitely send him again as many years as he keeps begging us to go. — Anthony 

Our kids have LOVED Spark Arts this fall and have recommended it far and wide! Wednesdays this fall was my kids’ favorite day of the week because it was the day they got to do Sparks Arts Camp. As we would walk over after school, they would eagerly chat with each other about what kind of new project they would get to do and wonder what they would learn. When I asked them what made it so great, they said, “cool projects and great teachers!” And I couldn’t agree more. Over the last six weeks, they made beautiful corn husks dolls, paintings from natural dyes, hand beaded bracelets and other treasures. Gigi and Angus were warm and calm and engaged. We will be back! — Katherine 

My daughter absolutely adored Spark Arts this summer—she keeps talking about it and said it was her favorite camp she’s ever done… She said that you always have the most interesting craft projects! And she’s always referencing the places and things she learned about in Spark Arts this summer, it’s amazing how much she got out of just two weeks of camp with you! — Jennifer

Sera’s been so enthralled with learning what you’ve been teaching them about how to identify plants.  She can’t stop talking about Spark. She picked camp with you over vacation! Thank you, you’re such an inspiration to her. She loves you! — Carmela 

Thanks so much for running the best classes in the whole wide world. I am not exaggerating when I say that she was more excited about Wednesday’s Spark class than she was for her birthday on Monday! — Jennifer

My kids were over the moon about how much they loved yesterday’s class. So, so happy and relaxed. Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful, warm, creative environment!!! I was worried about signing them up for another after school thing, we’re so frazzled and busy all the time, but this class was the ultimate Anti-Frazzle — Tamar 

You guys are the best! Simone loves your classes and I am full waterworks with emotion about them! … I am so moved by what educators are doing to make creative, safe spaces for children within the confines of the pandemic. — Bryn

Best time ever! That’s all there is to say. Pure joy and excitement and bliss — Shira