We will be strictly adhering to the guidelines and mandates set forth by the CDC.  

Masks – Due to the higher transmission rates in NYC at this time, we are now offering optional masking for our classes only while outdoors. We will be asking students to be masked while indoors.

Hand sanitizing – All Spark Arts participants will be expected to regularly use hand sanitizer and wash hands.

Daily Health Survey – Each family must complete a brief survey before class to update us on any symptoms in the household or possible exposure to COVID-19. An email with a link to the survey will be sent on the date of the program.

Family Testing and illnesses: If anyone in your household tests positive for COVID, has been feeling ill, or has been directly exposed to others who have tested positive for COVID, we ask that you kindly keep your child home from classes until you are certain that they are in good health to attend.

Indoor classes: For indoor classes, we will keep our classroom well ventilated, opening doors and windows where possible, as well as using a ceiling fan and HEPA air filter. We ask that caregivers not enter the classroom so as to limit exposure. Surfaces and shared supplies will be thoroughly sanitized after each class.

Staff vaccinations and testing: Our staff has been completely vaccinated and has received booster shots. In addition, staff takes COVID-19 tests regularly, including at the start of a program session. If a teacher develops symptoms and tests positive for COVID-19 during the program, parents would be immediately alerted and a refund for the weeks cancelled would be issued.

Responding to COVID exposure: All participating families will be informed if there has been possible exposure to COVID-19 during our class time. We will be sure to uphold family privacy. Any child who has a household member that has tested positive for COVID will be asked to return to classes only after they meet the CDC criteria for ending home isolation.

Responding to citywide surges: If we see a spike in COVID cases, we will stay connected by email to provide you with further information about the status of our classes.

More questions about our COVID-19 safety policies? Email us at info@sparkartsbk.org