Hearing and Telling Myths

Watakame, the first being of the Huichol creation myth. From Jose Matiella’s Takutzi Nakawe.

During both weeks, we listened to the myths of many cultures that we visited during our time. We heard the Haudenausonee creation story, in which our world is created on the back of a turtle, and the Egyptian tale of Horus and Set’s long struggle over who would be King of Egypt. We heard about Grandmother Rain, the Huichol Goddess whose son was the first being to float on the empty oceans before she and Grandfather Sun created the world.

We noticed commonalities and themes between stories, and the ways that myths often help us understand how the world came to be. With this in mind, we made our own myths to explain the ways of the world, often with funny twists and turns, including the return of a beloved Spark character, the Littlest Pepper. Going around the circle as we ate snack, each friend would have a chance to add on a component of the story. We found ways to incorporate elements of each culture that we explored as the Littlest Pepper toured around the world, visiting many familiar cultures on her quest to find herself.

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