Saturdays 10am-12:30pm

9 classes $560, drop in class $62
October 2nd to December 4th (no class October 23rd)
Picnic house drop off and pick up. 
On some occasions, we may drop off and pick up at the 11th street and Prospect Park West entrance


This season, we will discover some lesser known paths and find hidden sanctuaries in our 586 acre backyard, Prospect Park. As we walk, we will stop to appreciate the immense variety of plants around us. We will identify edible and medicinal plants and learn about fascinating plant folklore from around the world. For instance, which plant’s seed was considered a charm against the evil eye in Turkey? Which tree would you tie a strand of hair to in Japan to bring love a-knocking? Which tree did famous Greek philosophers often meet under to discuss big ideas? Which tree did the English fear cutting down as they thought a powerful spirit lived within?

During each class we will also be crafting using natural elements, many of which will be found in the park. We will create art that is inspired by nature, as well as crafts from around the world. Some examples of the types of projects that will be offered: fabric dyeing using natural pigments, basketry, sewing, macrame, pottery, and cordage-making from plant materials.  

Important things to note: 

  • Angus will not be joining for these classes. Gigi will be running this class with a wonderful assistant named Maelys: a fellow forager, musician, explorer and world traveler. 
  • Our staff is fully vaccinated
  • Please be certain that your child will have the energy for walks and has an interest in crafting projects.
  • Due to potential allergies and food sensitivities, we will not be eating any of the edible plants identified during our classes.
  • Children will be masked except during snack when they will be seated at a distance. Please read our policies on how we handle COVID here.
  • In the event of inclement weather, we will cancel classes and offer refunds for missed classes.  Inclement weather includes downpours, thunderstorms, high wind speeds and temperatures below 30 degrees F.  We will hold classes during light rain.  We will announce cancellations by 7am on the morning of class.      
  • Reach out to us at with any questions!