We’re pleased to announce that Spark Arts will be offering three weekly after-school programs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in Fall 2020! Each weekly after-school program will last for 6 weeks and will explore a different set of cultures.  

Tuesdays – Arts and Traditions of the Himalayas

Wednesdays – Arts and Traditions of Indigenous Peoples of North America

Thursdays – Arts and Traditions of Japan


Our program is for children aged 5-10, and we require that children be potty trained.  

Dates and rates

Cost: $350 for 6 weeks of any class.

Arts and Traditions of the Himalayas
Tue. Sep. 22
Tue. Sep. 29
Tue. Oct. 6
Tue. Oct. 13
Tue. Oct. 20
Tue. Oct. 27
Tue. Nov. 3rd
Arts and Traditions of the Indigenous Peoples of North America
Wed. Sep. 23
Wed. Sep. 30
Wed. Oct. 7
Wed. Oct 14
Wed. Oct. 21
Wed. Oct. 28
Wed. Nov. 4th
Arts and Traditions of Japan
Thu. Sep. 24
Thu. Oct. 1
Thu. Oct. 8
Thu. Oct. 15
Thu. Oct. 22
Thu. Oct. 29
Thu. Nov. 5th. 


During our time together, we will examine the harmonious relationships that various world cultures have shared with the natural world.  We will observe how this age-old relationship has shaped daily life, from belief systems to art, music, traditions, and mythology. As we explore the vast outdoor landscape of Prospect Park, we will discover ways in which peoples across time have identified beneficial resources in nature and worked respectfully with nature’s bounty to create food, materials, medicines, crafts and more for their communities.  We, too, will learn to identify plants as well as their beneficial functions.  Our sessions will be filled with craft activities from around the world, fun traditional games and nature exploration. 

Some examples of our activities:

  • Tuesdays: we will learn about the Himalayan terrain and its influence on its communities, as well as the impacts of climate change on the region. We will examine religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Bon, Jain, Sikhism, and explore dress, architecture, symbols, important sites, music, medicine and arts from the Himalayas.
  • Wednesdays: we will look at a map of the indigenous peoples of North America, and hone in on several tribes such as the Pueblo, Haudenosaunee, Tlingit and Shoshone. We will explore crafts, beliefs, traditional games, and the influence of natural environments on way of life.
  • Thursdays: we will learn about Japanese Zen and Shinto beliefs and practices, as well as architecture, dress, music, and crafts such as sashiko embroidery, suminagashi marbling, and shibori dyeing methods.
  • In addition, we will create inks, paints and dyes from natural and foraged pigments, examine symbols and language from different traditions, discover myths from various traditions and create our own myths. We will also learn to identify and use beneficial plants and trees in Prospect Park for crafting, medicines and food (* please note that we will not be eating wild plants at Spark due to potential food sensitivities)

Drop-off and Pick-Up Locations in the Park

Our 3:30pm drop-off point is a 6-7 minute walk from Prospect Park’s 3rd Street entrance. Simply follow the path to the left of the Third Street Playground, cross the West Drive biking road, and keep following the path until you see a sign that says Spark on it on a large tree. We will be in the grassy area behind the tree. Spark Spot is almost directly across from the Picnic House.

The coordinates of our drop off point are: 40°39’56.4″N 73°58’10.0″W.  Click here to see the drop-off point on Google Maps.  

Our 5:30pm pick-up will occur in front of the Picnic House.

Make-up Rain Dates

Since all programming will be taking place outdoors, we will be monitoring weather closely each day. Classes will be canceled for unsafe weather conditions, like prolonged rain or thunderstorms by 7am before class. In the event that short periods of light rain are expected, we will be taking shelter under rain tarps.  In the event of a cancellation, families will be given a credit for a future Spark class, or a make-up date on the same day of the week where possible.  Please reach out with any questions you may have, and email us at info@sparkartsbk.org.


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