Spark 2019 Week 1

Land art  On our first day together, we looked at aesthetically pleasing land art created by artists such as Nils Udo, Harvey Fite and Andy Goldsworthy. We noted that these artists used natural materials to build with, such as flowers, leaves, sticks and rocks.  We also looked at work by the artists Adam Frezza and … Continue reading Spark 2019 Week 1

Festivals Around the World: Spark 2018 Week 2

In our second week of Spark 2018, we've been exploring the traditions of festivals around the world. As our exploration took us around the globe, we found many commonalities between festivals: the continuation of tradition from one generation to the next; the chance to come together as a community to celebrate prosperity and good health; … Continue reading Festivals Around the World: Spark 2018 Week 2

Sustainable Architecture at Spark 2018

Building our Green City We began the first week of our Spark 2018 summer program with four empty expanses, and ended with a vibrant and bustling city! We started by talking about what it means to be green, and learned about a few sustainable energy sources, including wind, solar, and hydro power. With so many … Continue reading Sustainable Architecture at Spark 2018

Music Inspired by Nature

We drew parallels between Andy Goldsworthy's use of natural elements in sculpture to composers' use of natural sounds in music. After listening to soundscapes of several environments on Monday, we listened to Pierre Schaeffer's Etude des chemins, which creates rhythmic patterns from train noises, and Hugh LeCaine's Dripsody, which is derived from a recording of a drop … Continue reading Music Inspired by Nature