Hearing and Telling Myths

Watakame, the first being of the Huichol creation myth. From Jose Matiella's Takutzi Nakawe. During both weeks, we listened to the myths of many cultures that we visited during our time. We heard the Haudenausonee creation story, in which our world is created on the back of a turtle, and the Egyptian tale of Horus … Continue reading Hearing and Telling Myths

Mongolian Nature Offering

Through our weeks, we have visited world cultures that show strong reverence towards nature.  As we reviewed these teachings, we discussed how easy it is to feel disconnected from nature in our modern worlds. We talked about the importance of slowing down to experience gratitude for the ever-generous natural world, and of giving back to … Continue reading Mongolian Nature Offering

Alchemy and Symbolism

We travelled to Europe to examine the mysterious alchemical art of the Renaissance period, in hopes of deciphering some of its symbolism.  We learned that the word “alchemy” and “chemistry” originated from the ancient name for Egypt, “Kemet”, where early Egyptian alchemists experimented with the art of transformation. We discovered that alchemists attempt to understand … Continue reading Alchemy and Symbolism

The Art of Huichol Beading

We learned about the Huichol peoples in Mexico and some of their beliefs and practices to honor nature and the spirit world.  We learned about the role of the shaman, as messenger between the spirit and human world.  After looking at important figures in Huichol life, such as the deer, eagle, corn and cactus, we … Continue reading The Art of Huichol Beading

Stitching Japanese Sachiko Panels

We learned about Sashiko embroidery, a Japanese stitching method historically used by people who could not afford new clothing and would use stitching to strengthen broken fabric.  Traditionally, sashiko-stitched symbols have also been used to give talismanic protection to the wearer.  After tracing our selected patterns onto fabric, we learned to use a continuous line … Continue reading Stitching Japanese Sachiko Panels

Finger knitting

Consistently, kindness and generosity are two of the many positive traits we see in our students at Spark.  Each day we witness so many moments of helping, sharing and exchanging of wisdom and skill.  The children initiated their own finger knitting circle, where the children with more experience patiently guided the others through the process … Continue reading Finger knitting