Plant Identification

In just a few days, some of us had grown confident in identifying certain plants and their benefits.  On our walks, we found plenty of jewelweed, burdock, plantain, dandelion, beechnut, paper mulberry, basswood/linden, wood sorrel, mugwort, lady’s thumb, violets, goldenrod, blackberry and more! We also learned to recognize some poisonous plants such as poison ivy, … Continue reading Plant Identification

“Bur’s Eye” Game

We found unexpected delight in our park’s many Burdock plants.  Burdock burs stuck sweetly to our fingers and clothing, and we realized that they are also great for sticking together to create larger bur clumps!  We invented a fun target practice game called “Burs-Eye”, where we tossed our sticky burs to catch onto our natural … Continue reading “Bur’s Eye” Game

Music Inspired by Nature

We drew parallels between Andy Goldsworthy's use of natural elements in sculpture to composers' use of natural sounds in music. After listening to soundscapes of several environments on Monday, we listened to Pierre Schaeffer's Etude des chemins, which creates rhythmic patterns from train noises, and Hugh LeCaine's Dripsody, which is derived from a recording of a drop … Continue reading Music Inspired by Nature

Revisiting sustainability and permaculture

Throughout the week, we have visited the brilliant chinampa farming setup in Mexico, Findhorn ecovillage in Scotland, the Green School in Bali, and the solar tents and desert-turned-food forest in Wadi Rum, Jordan.  Along the way, we have learned about a number of sustainable and permaculture practices, including aquaponics, solar and wind energy, composting, organic … Continue reading Revisiting sustainability and permaculture