Huichol beading

We learned about the Huichol peoples in Mexico and some of their beliefs and practices to honor nature and the spirit world.  We learned about the role of the shaman, as messenger between the spirit and human world.  After looking at important figures in Huichol life, such as the deer, eagle, corn and cactus, we … Continue reading Huichol beading

Sashiko embroidery

We learned about Sashiko embroidery, a Japanese stitching method historically used by people who could not afford new clothing and would use stitching to strengthen broken fabric.  Traditionally, sashiko-stitched symbols have also been used to give talismanic protection to the wearer.  After tracing our selected patterns onto fabric, we learned to use a continuous line … Continue reading Sashiko embroidery

Shinto beliefs, traditions and Toriis

We travelled to Japan, where we encountered the rich traditions and beliefs of the Shinto religion.  We learned about Shinto’s deep reverence for nature, and the belief in benevolent kami spirits which are venerated throughout Japan with shrines and yorishiro (objects used to invite benevolent kami spirits into a space). We examined some rituals that … Continue reading Shinto beliefs, traditions and Toriis

Egyptian Scribes

We learned about ancient Egyptian scribes, their tools, and their important role in documenting what we now know of ancient Egypt.  After investigating the step-by-step process by which the papyrus plant becomes usable as a writing surface, we used actual papyrus to practice composing our own sentences using Egyptian hieroglyphs.  In addition, we learned about … Continue reading Egyptian Scribes