Circle Time in Peru and Decorating Shamanic Rattles

Our intrepid explorers started our tour of Peru in the Andes mountains and Amazon rainforest– both homes to a great diversity of plants and animals that are honored by many of their local peoples.  We explored the Peruvian notion of harmony between man and nature- “living peacefully with nature”, as one Spark Explorer described.


Animals play a large role in the lives of indigenous Peruvians.  Choosing from a number of animal archetypes used in Peru to represent forces of the universe, our explorers picked out animal guides to depict on their rattles.

Decorating shamanic rattles  
Shamans are doctors, healers, and keepers of wisdom in indigenous Peruvian communities.  We learned that oftentimes shamans are asked for assistance to resolve an imbalance in the natural order of things.  One of their tools for accomplishing their work is the rattle.  With our animal guides in mind, we decorated our own rattles made out of rawhide and sticks.  



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