As of May 2020, we’ve updated this page to include information about our remote learning program in response to COVID-19. We encourage families who are considering Spark for the first time to visit our blog to get a sense of the kinds of activities we offer at Spark, and to read information about our regular programming in the page below.   


Our Mission

Spark Arts is a summer enrichment program for children aged 5-10 entering Kindergarten–6th grade. Our goal at Spark Arts is to instill in our children a sense of wonder and respect for the cultures and natural abundance of planet Earth.  During our weeks together, we build on our understanding of Earth’s many cultures and develop a richer appreciation of nature.  We believe that each child, when inspired, has the creative force for positive impact in the world.  We seek to kindle this inner spark through a holistic blend of active play, world studies, art, music, movement, mindfulness practice, natural sciences, and outdoor adventure.



Our Program

During Spark summer program, we explore traditional crafts and materials across cultures and time periods, at times weaving mythology and storytelling into our creative process.  We connect closely to the natural world, closely observing the ecology around us. Wherever our Spark families are this year, our program will encourage children to explore nature around them.  Using natural elements in our environment as well as our own ingenuity, we will learn to work with the gifts of the wild as our ancestors once did. We will explore ways in which we can integrate simple and quiet ancient ways of life into our busy modern lives.

At Spark Arts, we voyage around the world examining a variety of world traditions. We explore traditional art, dress, architecture, festivals, music, philosophy, symbol, dance, and the many ways in which cultures express themselves and connect with nature. Our days are filled with lively art and building projects, study of natural sciences, movement, performances, music, mindfulness practice, and direct experiences in nature.

Daily remote learning schedule:

9-10:15am: Live Zoom call that will include art projects, music, movement, games, and discussion around curriculum

10:15am through the rest of the day: Daily offerings of art or outdoor activities for children to work on independently in their own time. Pre-recorded videos, audio, and activity sheets will be provided to promote discovery and play!

Before we begin our time together, families will be sent care packages with art materials, activity journals and other items they will need during their time with Spark. While we are in session, we will come together each morning over Zoom to discuss our theme of the week and work together on projects.  During the later part of the day, families will be able to use our supplementary activity sheets, pre-recorded videos and audio to support learning and creating, both indoors and outdoors!  Please note that while most projects can be done independently by children, some offered activities may require adult supervision and involvement.  For our programming, we highly recommend that children have access to outdoor space, which they are able to explore on a daily basis.      

Sample daily schedule

Morning Zoom gathering 9-10:15am (with some allowance for more time if needed)

    • Movement, breaths
    • Share independent work or journal work from the day before
    • Present the day’s topic: Egyptian use of papyrus plant to create papyrus to write on.
    • Make ink out of carbon and work with Egyptian papyrus to copy text from the Egyptian Book of the Dead
    • Interactive game relating to Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Independent projects 10:30-rest of the day 

    • Independent project: listen to an audio recording by Angus of the tale of Osiris, Isis, Horus and Thoth.
    • Independent project: Read about various Egyptian gods in the activity journal. Design your own deity and myth
    • Independent project: Create Egyptian-style papyrus using brown paper bags
    • Outdoor activity: Learn fun facts about the dandelion and how to identify it
    • Outdoor activity: Outdoor game


Dates and Rates for Summer 2020

In our weeks offered, we will be studying the theme Nature As Our Teacher.  During this time we will cover topics like natural studies, beneficial plant identification, wildcrafting, outdoor wilderness skills, sustainable building, land art, mythology, storytelling, and tradition around the world.  

August 10–14

August 17–21

$325 plus materials fee ($50 per week).  Total cost: $375.  


Spark Arts 2020 enrollment will open on Friday, June 12th. Registration will close on Monday, July 27.

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