Plant Identification, Crafting and Outdoor Skills in Prospect Park
6 Saturdays 9:30-12:30pm
October 1 – Nov 5 (6 week series or individual classes for purchase) 
Drop off and pick up at the 9th street entrance

Join us on Saturday mornings in Prospect Park’s quieter regions and old growth forested areas. We will learn about the flora and fauna of the region and craft with natural materials. On these walks, our students have encountered all kinds of animals, including sleeping racoons, bluegill fish, swans, frogs, egrets, hawks, and even Prospect Park’s elusive white squirrel! Some of our projects will include eco printing (imprinting onto fabric with organic materials), making natural inks, and creating charcoal pencils. We will also be learning about various survival skills, such as how to find clean drinking water, how to make useful tools, and how to identify plants that are safe as edibles and medicines. Among many others, some of our favorite plants in the park at this time of year are mugwort, goldenrod, sassafras, hawthorn, rose hips and dandelion root! We will not be consuming any plants found in this class. Optional masking will be offered.  In the event of persistent rain, we will use our indoor classroom at 53 Prospect Park West. If you would like to purchase an individual class, please select “I’ll send a check” at checkout and let us know your preferred dates by emailing Please ask us about sliding scale payments!