Mythology and Art from the Ancient World

In this winter series, we will be exploring ancient cultures of the world and delving into some of the rich mythology, symbolism and belief systems of these traditions.  Some of the projects we will work on include Celtic leatherwork, Aztec stamp design, Egyptian hieroglyphic art on papyrus, Indian Madhubani painting, Japanese Sumi-E painting, Lenape leather embroidery, and Tibetan jewelry making.  In addition, we will practice age-old crafts such as basketry, weaving and working with foraged materials.  These classes will be taught by Gigi. 

We are truly fortunate to be able to use one of the spacious rooms on the upper floors of the Brooklyn Society For Ethical Culture (BSEC), where Spark Arts has formerly run summer classes. Our class will also have access to the building’s beautiful yard.  Because this historic mansion is on the market to be sold, this may be one of the last times Spark Arts will be able to enjoy use of this magnificent landmark space.  

To ensure that we are staying safe during COVID times, all students will be required to wear masks during our classes. We will also be washing and sanitizing hands regularly. Families will be asked to fill out our COVID survey before each class. Please see our COVID safety page to learn more about our COVID policies.

Tuesdays, 4-6pm Ages 8-12 years old. 10 classes from January 4-March 8th, 2022. $595

Wednesdays, 4-6pm Ages 5-8 years old. 10 classes from January 5th-March 9th, 2022. $595