Dear Families,

With our first session just around the corner, we are so excited to welcome you to Spark Arts! We are thrilled to begin the third year of our program, and we hope that you’re looking forward to it as much as we are.

This welcome packet contains a few reminders and updates about the program ahead. Our days will be full of art, music, outdoor adventure, global travel, creative movement, and more. If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to reach out to us!

Gigi and Angus

Gigi Chew, Director
(646) 409-8268
Angus Davidson, Assistant Director
(845) 705-0918

Welcome Packet for Summer 2020

 What to do before our day begins

  • We want to make sure your child has the energy to enjoy full mornings outdoors. Please make sure your child has a hearty breakfast in order to be energized for our outdoor time together
  • Ask your child to use the bathroom ahead of time to limit the number of times needed to use public restroom facilities during our time together.  
  • Please apply sunscreen on your child.  We will be using organic and natural sunscreen SPF 50 sunscreen if more is needed during our day.  If you have a preferred sunscreen, please pack it with your child’s belongings.

What to send with your child

  • A comfortable backpack 
  • A healthy snack if needed.  Because of allergy concerns, we ask that parents do not send peanut or walnut products 
  • A full water bottle.  We will have extra water available as well.
  • Comfortable shoes for walking
  • Mosquito repellent if needed. We will also have deet-free and organic mosquito repellant on hand.  
  • Suitable clothing for arts projects and nature exploration

Drop-off and Pick-up

Drop-Off – 9:00 am

We will welcome families each program day to our home base, near to the Picnic House.

Click here to view printable step-by-step directions to our drop-off spot (with pictures and a map).

A note about our space:
We’ve considered several options for locations in the park, and we feel so excited about this spot! In searching for a great location we’ve weighed a few factors: convenience, seclusion, and habitability. While we considered spots closer to the edge of the park, we found a higher prevalence of mosquitoes, road noise, and other groups. We’ve had very successful experiences at this location in previous years, and we know it will make for a magical locale again this year!

Drop-off Location

Pick-up – 12:00pm

Pick-up will occur to the right of Litchfield Villa between 4th and 5th streets and Prospect Park West, on the park side of the wall. On certain days, we may inform you of a slight change in pick-up locations and will be sure to let you know about this change at least an hour ahead of time.  In all cases, pick-up will take place close to Litchfield Villa on 5th street. 
We will only release your child to guardians or persons authorized for pick-up on their Spark Arts Registration Form, unless notified by a guardian in advance.

Pick Up Location

Photo authorization

We will be photographing many of the activities during the camp session. We’ll share pictures except in an instance where they contain a child whose family has not given consent to share their photographs. We’ll never share identifying details about your child.

Safety and behavior expectations

We are looking to have a fun and adventurous summer program with safety as a priority. We ask that you review these safety guidelines and discuss them with your child before the program:

  • Students will need to follow Spark Arts’ COVID-19 camp regulations such as wearing masks within 6 feet of one another and sanitizing hands on a regular basis.  Please read more about our COVID regulations here.
  • Students will be expected to refrain from any behaviors that will put themselves and their friends at risk of injury.  
  • Students are expected to stay with the group at all times.
  • Students will wear a tag with Spark Arts contact information at all times.
  • We practice kindness and respect to friends and teachers by listening, sharing, and including others.
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