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Our Mission

Spark Arts is an enrichment program based in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn for children aged 5 and older. At Spark, we celebrate nature and cultural traditions through a holistic blend of artistic expression, cultural study, mindfulness practice, outdoor adventure, and play. Our hope is to spark in our children a sense of wonder and appreciation for all life on earth. We believe that each child, when inspired, has the creative force for positive impact in the world. 

Nature study and appreciation in Prospect Park

We believe that connection to nature is an integral part of leading a healthy human life and we observe that children grow in confidence, joy and peace of mind when given access to meaningful experiences in nature. Spark classes explore off-the-beaten-path forest trails and hidden wild sanctuaries in our 526 acre backyard of Prospect Park, so as to give urban children a chance to feel entirely immersed in nature and apart from city life. Through hands on experience, we reintroduce children to the lost art of plant identification, survival skills, and traditional natural crafting techniques from around the world.

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